Frequently asked questions

Q. What is an affiliate?

A. An affiliate is someone who sells anothers product for a share of the revenue.

Q. How does the revenue split work on the Sharp End Training affiliate program?

A. We generally split revenue 50/50 (but this may vary on certain products).

From June 2010, this will vary from product to product. We will keep you informed. Sometimes may be more than 50%, sometimes maybe less.

Q. Is this figure negociable?

A. Everything is always negociable! Sign up and contact us so we can speak further…

Q. How much do courses retail for?

A. Courses generally sell for £37 +17.5% VAT (Sales tax) for 30 days unlimited access. This can vary from product to product.

Q. Are there banners and graphics to use?

A. Yes, at the latest count, there are around 40 banners of various sizes ready to use

Q. How are payments made to affiliates

A. Via paypal, using the award winning post affiliate pro software.

Q. When are payments made

A. The LAST day of every month (but we reserve the right to delay or even suspend payments if we suspect fraud or deception).

Q. How do you track users and how do you know when I sent you a sale?

A. When a banner tagged with your code sends a user to our site, our system will recognise your unique tracking code and if the user buys, you are credited with a sale.

Q. What is this process called?

A. It’s called a “cookie”

Q. Is it underhand and devious?

A. No, it’s very common. It’s how sites like amazon remember you and recommend books to you.

Q. How long is the user cookied for?

A. Cookie length is unlimited

Q.How is the actual training delivered to the user?

A. Using the amember membership system. Access is usually instant.

Q. What if I get users coming back to me with problems?

A. Just send them to traininghelpdesk.co.uk

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