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WordPress course launches next week

September 2, 2021 by admin  
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We are putting the finishing touches on a new course aimed at non technical startups & business owners struggling to get an online presence.

The course launches on Monday next week (6th September 2010).

The course walks the user through the entire steps of building a site using wordpress.
Actual video tutorials allow them to follow along every step of the way.

From the very first stages of buying a domain suitable to their business name and objectives, buying wordpress suitable hosting right through to setting up wordpress.

The wordpress “expert” is Chris Hodgson. Chris has massive experience in web design and usability and has worked on tech development for ebuyer.com, onetel and other high street names.

In addition, there are two downloadable podcasts from UK business coach Heather Townsend. If you don’t know, Heather is building her coaching practice right their in front of your very eyes online. She is the author of the forthcoming “Financial Times guide to business networking.”

These two podcasts will walk new business owners through the steps she actually took in setting up a website in a weekend using wordpress.

Instead of sending people straight to a sales page. We have produced two videos which will be available for free.
These are
1. An interview with a new start up virtual assistant. We discuss the problems she faced and how she approached them and what site she was left with.
2. A site critique by Chris Hodgson on the site.

Users registering for the free video are then “educated” for free (by a usability expert..).

Affiliate fee is 40%

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