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The online training puzzle

September 18th, 2009

Online training is well and truly with us. The old term elearning seems like it belongs in another age. Everything is e now. From buying (and even printing) travel and entertainment tickets to sharing photos and keeping in touch with friends. Children as you as 4 or 5 can easily use the web.

The benefits of training online are immense. Travel time is virtually eliminated, the end user can choose when to study and do so when it suits them - not some trainer from out of town.

Despite all these benefits the training and learning community has been relatively slow to catch on and the cost of software required. The sheer complexity of converting conventional “chalk and talk” training material for online delivery is daunting. For the novice or technophobe, the chances of doing this are nil.The software can be ery expensive and have a steep learning curve. Too much for someone to take on as well as doing their day job at the same time.

Bearing in mind that staff and customers are now completely used to using professionally designed sites like amazon and ebay, they have high expectation. They will work out how to fiddle the answer and how to take short cuts. This is not what a manager wants.

So how to solve?

Most training companies who have a website are missing out on the online training explosion. Most have had a “brochure site” designed by a web designer and don’t realise they could be making more money. Register as a training affiliate and sell online training as easy as putting a banner on a site. When the customer clicks, and then buys, the sender is rewarded with a sale. Get paid for doing nothing. Someone else will handle customer support - so you can’t lose.

Training companies - just surf over to and sign up. You can instantly promote online training courses with over 40 professionally designed banners to chose from.

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