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Affiliate banner update

March 8, 2022 by admin  
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Just a quick heads up about some new banners we just uploaded to the affiliate area.

What do these banners include?

These banners are all new and are various sizes and shapes. You can use them to drive traffic to sell more training courses.

Why have these changed?

We are always looking at what works and what doesn’t work. We remove the ones that work, and add more of the ones that do. Simple as that.

What does this batch include?

We have updated screen shots and included various sizes of these as well as NEW & UPDATED job & employment banners.

Are more banners available?

Yes, of course. Please contact us and tell us what you need, where you will be putting the banners (which sites), what courses and products you want to promote and we will do the rest.

How can I get these banners?

Just login here and grab the ones you need.

I am not an affiliate but I want to be.

You can sign up at


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