About the Sharp End Training affiliate program
This affiliate program covers courses managed by our Learn on Demand system. These are 1 user - instant access courses.We have over 40 banners and text links ready for you to use on your website or blog.

After the sale, we manage all customer support, so you have no hassles. If you do receive a support question, just direct the user to our training helpdesk.

Training Providers - We can also completely rebrand our courses for you to resell to your clients. They will never know you bought them in. We can provide online training for 1 - 100,000 users on your behalf.

For more information
Sharp End Training
Valley View House
South Terrace
Wales Bar
S26 5QL
Company Registration Number 4998509
VAT Number 789 06331 72

For more information - see http://www.sharp-end-training.co.uk/about/

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